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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer custom synthetic services to a wide range of organic compound scales at competitive prices. We can handle synthesis projects thatquick turnaround and clear communication of results

Our Most Frequent Custom Synthesis Requests

- Small molecules
- Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Analogs, Metabolites
- Reference compounds
- Contaminants
- Specialty and Fine Chemicals

We also provide custom synthesis of small scale APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals from milligram to kilogram quantities, including reference standards, impurities and metabolites.

Additional services include:

- Novel route design
- Literature synthesis
- Multi-step reaction schemes
- Process design and scale-up

We are a fast-paced company. Most enquiries can be answered in 2-24 hours, but not over 48 hours.

Since we have a broad international connection with other suppliers and manufacturers, we can help you on all your chemistry needs, please feel free to contact us.

Process Development

Weoffers extensive Process Development service. Our process R&D team consists of a number of chemical experts, who has the expertise to develop robust chemical processes and scale up products to metric tons rapidly.
Commercial Synthesis Route Scouting.
Rapid process R&D.
Highly versatile facilities to accommodate a variety of processes.
Process safety assessment.
Process analysis development support.
Integrated technical support and plant production.
Commercial process development for advanced intermediates and APIs.

Intellectual Property Protection

we conduct a strict lntellectual Property Protection Policy.
Focus on protecting the security of customer intellectual property (IP).Strictly implement the company's file management and informationprocessing regulations.

Quality Control

We follows the quality management system in accordance with lSo9001.Our staff are regularly receive high-level training so that we caneffectively maintain and exceed our quality standards.
Our analytical labs are equipped with GCs, HPLCs,LC-MS,TLC-MS,MS,NMR, etc.